Discover Ano Syros. Endless View & Unbelievable Sunsets

July 7, 2017

Ano Syros used to be a village but is now a quarter of Ermoupoli, mostly known as the “Catholic Quarter”.

If you are watching Ermoupoli from the sea, you can spot Ano Syros in the left hill, having a Roman Catholic church on its top.
This beautiful settlement offer spectacular views and has small narrow streets. Note that cars are not allowed.

Ano Syros - Greece

Ano Syros – Greece

Dont Miss: The colorful houses and roads, the endless views & the Vamvakaris museum (a great troubadour and composer who became known wordwidely with ‘rebetika’ songs, such as ‘Frangosyriani’)

Image with full credits to instagramer:  @ kostasboukou