Enjoy the cosmopolitan capital of the Cyclades

Syros : The Grand Damme

Impressive History

Homer called it Syrii and the most ancient traces of habitation came from the end of the Neolithic period, between 4000 and 3000 B.C. From its impressive neoclassical buildings to the island’s dominant churches and chapels, one feels that history and culture are truly respected here. The capital of Syros, Ermoupolis, is an open museum with monumental architecture and magnificent public buildings, such as the City Hall, the Customs Office and the “Apollo” theatre – all testaments of its glorious past.

Wild Landscape

Sea, stone and light are the main characteristics of Syros’ landscape, which dazzles visitors with its wild, unprocessed beauty. A floating land, dry and seemingly infertile, is saturated with the delightful aroma of herbs blended with the saltiness of the sea breeze. From golden sand beaches with pristine blue waters to untamed rocky waterfronts, there are quite diverse choices for all tastes. Syros has a total area of 84 sq.km and is divided by its natural topography into two parts, north and south. The northern part is called Ano Mera, where the landscape is wild with steep slopes and rocks, unique traditional villages and hiking trails. The southern part of Syros is the most popular with coastal settlements, enchanting organised beaches, delicious tavernas and spotless natural beauty.

More about local beaches

Activities on Syros

Syros is an island packed with a lot of activities to offer its visitors

Available to those in search for relaxation and a place to rest, Syros Island offers a wide range of beaches for swimming and sun bathing as well.

Organized at Kini are sea excursions through which visitor get to visit the north beaches while bicycling, a popular activity has been on for a number of years now.

Being the capital city of Cyclades, life in Syros is spiced with a lot of cultural activities (Concerts, Theatrical Performances, Art Workshops, Festivals, etc.), also organized at the villages during the summer are variety of traditional festivities.





Authentic Tastes

Well-known throughout Greece for its gastronomic distinctiveness, Syros will delight even the most demanding gourmands with its culinary twist in authentic Greek dishes. A “double” wedding of flavours from East and West, Syros’ multi-faced cuisine features local goat’s meat with caper leaves, aromatic sausage with fennel, and many more delicacies. One should not miss the outstanding traditional products of the island, such as the San Michalis spicy cheese, the famous “Halvadopita” – a nougat sandwiched between two crunchy wafers, and the heavenly sweet taste of traditional “Loukoumi” with rose and mastic fragrances.


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